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      Press Releases

      Avery Dennison Completes Acquisition of Smartrac's RFID Transponder Business
      Avery Dennison believes in the connected future and invests in new factory in Brazil
      Avery Dennison Wins 2019 Innovations in Sustainability Award
      Avery Dennison Wins Sustainability Award for Recycled PET Liner
      Avery Dennison Names Robyn Buma Vice President of Global Procurement
      EcoVadis and Avery Dennison Shortlisted for Innovation at Sustainability Award 2019
      Avery Dennison Joins Ellen MacArthur CE 100 Signals Strengthened Commitment to Circular Economy
      Avery Dennison shortlisted for Global Environmental and Sustainability Award 2019
      Avery Dennison Invites you to Join Plasticity Amsterdam on 20th June
      Blockchain and the Future of Food and Drink Packaging
      Avery Dennison Recognizes 2019 Suppliers of Distinction At Global Awards Ceremony
      L’Oréal and Avery Dennison Collaborate to Eliminate Label Waste
      Yazaki Awards Avery Dennison Fastener Solutions Environmental Health and Safety Supplier of the Year Award


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